After 3 years i guess.

Helloooooo , it's really been a long time ! But still , feelings don't change but people does change :) Have a nice day everyone . May Allah bless .


try to shut off the feelings

So smile , happiness will come
So smile , for love will come into my arms too
Even the dreams , as many as stars , will come
So take action ,don't hold back
So take action, even it is a small step everyday 
Even it is a small pace it  is okay
When tears are filling up my eyes
When tears are flowing down my cheeks
Just yell out, even sadness will frightened away
When my heart is giving in
When my heart is aching in pain
Just put on a smile,let that hope find me
With open arm
There may be stumbles,but those aren't failures
Just brush off the dirt , don't cry
Sometimes love my me laugh
Sometimes love make me cry
All of this will make me grew even stronger
Sometimes , love make me risk everything
Sometimes , love make me feel regretful too
I am all alright, I am still holding onto my dreams
And walking along all that path

Heartstrings 2014